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7 LGBTQ+ Brands to Follow in 2023

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The LGBTQ+ community has experienced an uptick, with 7.1% of the population identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, nonbinary, intersex, and/or more. This is double the percentage in 2012, which was when Gallup first measured. Of the 68.6 million Gen Z Americans, nearly 21% remark they fall somewhere on the spectrum, and identify as something other than straight.

LGBTQ+ people spend over $917 billion on goods and services per year. Once they find out a brand is LGBTQ+ inclusive, they are more than 75% more likely to swap brands. And we all know how good we are at switching teams ;).

So if you’re in the market for a greeting card, are you just going to drive your Subaru up to Target and grab what’s available? Or are you going to align with a maker from your community? Align with a maker from your community, dang it!

The seven brands below are out of the closet and proud of it. No, not just for the month of June. We are straight up gay and here to stay. All year long, queen.

Lockwood – A little bit of everything 

Hailing from Queens in New York City, Lockwood now has six locations spanning the Big Apple. Filled to the brim with gifts for kids, stationary, decor, and other lifestyle goods, Mackenzi Farquer’s focus is on local makers and up-and-coming brands. Farquer notes when retail is done right, “it’s pure magic”.

With gift options under $25, categories include cooking, self-care, NYC, pop culture, animals, and kids. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, housewarming, wedding, baby, or recent grad, Lockwood offers stylish items at an affordable price point.

Shop Footed Tea Cups 

Ink Meets Paper – All things paper goods

Ink Meets Paper is based in one of the best places ever – Charleston, South Carolina. Wife for life team Allison and Jamie Nadeau make beautiful, custom stationary full of color and love. Back in 2010 the couple purchased a 1,000+ pound printing press from the 20’s, and the rest is history. If you need cards for babies, birthdays, or friends, Ink Meets Paper is where it’s at. Oh, and they have a million rainbow colored pens, as well. Too cute!

The southern print shop offers free shipping on orders under $35, and has over 200 products to choose from. Interestingly enough, the paper used here is 100% cotton, and 100% tree free. Their cards are printed on cotton “paper” that’s recycled from the garment industry! These puppies are carefully handcrafted, one card at a time.

Shop “Breaking the Binary” Greeting Card 

Galfie – Cheeky house flags and such

Okay okay I’ve been waiting but I just can’t help myself… Introducing my wife, Jade, and I’s shop, Galfie! Both designers, Jade and I’s mission is to promote positivity, inclusiveness, and diversity through fun, bright, and not-so-serious decor items. We’re talking seasonal house flags, Pride flags, and local pennants to name a few. Cute keychains, silly stickers, and awesome ornaments are also on the roster.

Though based in Richmond, VA – what really kicked things off for us was the Roe vs. Wade showdown in summer 2022 when we were traveling in Costa Rica. Super inspired, we created out a few equality flags and have been riding that wave since. Pro-woman, pro-fun, pro-good-vibes. Let’s get chill, people!

Shop “Kindness Rules” Decorative House Flag

Dayum this is my Jam – Yummy stuff 

Shout out to another Richmond, VA business! Dayum this is my Jam is founded and operated by Andy Waller, a queer and trans activist in the greater Richmond area. Dayum gives a “dayum”, and believes in justice. Andy and team care deeply about LGBTQ+ liberation, women’s rights, and racial and social justice.

Outside of making yummy jams, pickles, and salsas, Andy is the founder of an amazing Richmond market, Safe Space RVA. Vendors include local LGBTQ+/BIPOC makers, artists, small business owners, and organizations.

Shop “The Sweetest Tang” Pickles

TomboyX – Garments for tomboys 

TomboyX was founded to fill a need – to create good undergarments for people “regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum”. Founders Fran and Naomi crush this category with activewear, swim, bras, underwear, and other apparel for tomboys, gender-fluid folks, and everyone in between.

TomboyX has sizes 3XS–6X. Never seen such a range – finally! Talk about inclusivity! We’ve got compression tops, trunks, boxer briefs, sports bras, and more – from flesh tones to rainbow stripes. Period underwear, bikini bottoms for tucking, and fly packing boxer briefs… TomboyX leaves no undie-need untouched.

It just keeps getting better. They are B Corp certified. All cotton used is OEKO-Tex certified, as well. They have Eco fleece, which is partially made of recycled water bottles, and TENCEL™ Modal – which is made from the pulp of beechwood trees. They really have thought of it all – even their packaging is sustainable.

Shop the Essentials Soft Bra – Black Rainbow

WILDFANG – Inclusivity, sustainability, giving back

Dude, WILDFANG is hardcore awesome. Straight up – here’s their roster. They’ve got a diverse team. They’ve given back $650,000+ in profit to good causes. And, they’re Climate Neutral Certified. What does this mean? They’re committed to achieving biodegradable and sustainable packaging, and their factories are ISO14001 certified.

Though this androgynous line started in Portland, they’ve now hit L.A. Known for their coveralls, blazers, and button ups, WILDFANG’s pieces are gender-fluid, and sexy. Whether you’re looking for the timeless trouser, the classic blazer, or everyday overalls, this company has cool written all over it.

Shop the Essential Denim Coverall

Kirrin Finch – Gender-defying menswear

Menswear? Womenswear? Says who?! Kirrin Finch just wants to make tailored goods that fit women and nonbinary bodies, really well. So what if the clothing happens to have a lapel rather than lace. Or if it’s a bow for your neck, rather than your hair. Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat were inspired by their own search in finding structured clothing. Frustration turned inspiration, and Kirrin Finch was born.

So here’s the thing. Some women and nonbinary people like to wear suits. But for some reason suits tend to be tailored towards men, and men only! Unless you’re looking for a skirt suit. Then you can head on over to your local thrift and find about fifty. But seriously, it’s super tough being a woman with hips and breasts and trying to make a men’s suit work. It just… doesn’t. People want to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. That’s why Laura and Kelly have done such a great job in helping others feel good in their shirts, blazers, vests, jackets, and accessories.

Shop The Georgie Olive Suit Blazer

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