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8 Elements from Your Home that Define Your Personality

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It’s the subtle things that paint a larger picture. You think you might be able to tell what type of person drives a certain car? Just wait until you actually get in their car. Then you know the truth. Same thing with homes. The outside of the house is just a sneak peek into the real deal.

Home decor is a tell tale sign of your personality. Maybe your home projects positivity. Or hope. Or maybe the vibe is chaotic, but somewhat comforting. A guest might find you to be a perfectionist based on aspects of your home, or maybe quite the opposite! 

Let’s take a quick dive into the top eight home decor elements that tap into your personality the most.

Your mailbox

Are you someone who has a flying pig cover on your mailbox? You’ve got a sense of humor. How about a sports team flag hanging from beneath it? Maybe you’re super competitive. Do you have bright, fresh flowers sprouting beneath? That just screams friendless. Or maybe white rocks strewn about? I think many of us know what that means… 😉

Your front door

Oh man, does color play a huge role in our lives. It makes us feel calm. Feel imaginative. It even can make us feel hungry! There’s a ton of psychology that goes into colors, and the paint on your front door can say a lot about you and your personality. Or, what you’re trying to project.

Attitudes can change and people can be influenced by color. It can be extremely powerful when it comes to making a statement. Let’s see what your front door color says about you! 

  • Red: Ah, the color of passion. Red projects strength and power. It’s also a motivator. If you have a red door, it signifies you’re a gracious host. In the past, this color let travelers know they were welcome to stay the night if they were passing through. 
  • Orange: You’re fun! And have a very warm personality. An orange door is inviting, and tells your guest you’re enthused to have them come visit.
  • Yellow: With a yellow door, you’re showing the world how cheerful you are. This color inspires curiosity and boosts confidence. From a yellow-door-haver to another, you’re a real show stopper. Or maybe I’m biased, hehe. 
  • Green: Green means generous! By having a green door, you’re letting your guests know that your home is both safe and secure. Of course, green symbolizes luck – so maybe those visiting will have some favor come their way. 
  • Light blue: If you have a turquoise door, you are cool, calm and collected. You’re stable and empathetic. When you walk through the door, it’s clear you’re entering a peaceful environment.
  • Blue: Trust! With blue, you project trust. And, loyalty. Your home should feel like a haven, and that’s exactly what this color emanates. Blue is anti-confrontation and isn’t an attention hog, so if you have a blue door, you’re definitely laid back.
  • Purple: If you’re cool enough to have a purple door, then you’re definitely rocking the spiritual, feel good, imaginative vibes. Visitors are lucky to take a peek into your mysterious and magical abode.
  • White: Peace, perfection, and clean. White speaks for itself! Type “A” all the way, baby! 
  • Black: Like red, black projects power, strength, and sophistication. Having a deep colored door is quite elegant, and can seduce those who walk through it. 

Your porch

Do you have a Cracker Barrel vibe going on with several rocking chairs? Sounds like you like to sit back and relax. Chillin’ on the porch is my favorite thing to do,  and I have a porch swing too… So does that make me extra vibey?

You can’t have a porch without a welcoming decorative house flag, now can you? Seeing as I run a flag shop, I can’t help but drop a few options here to let your personality shine. I’m talking beach, equality, pride, holiday, seasonal, and plain old everyday house flags. 

Flags are a great way to make your neighbors smile and have your guests feel welcomed. Maybe you want to wish them happy holidays, or display a quick reminder to “have a good day”. Whatever your personality, a flag is a great way to communicate it.

Your entry table

If you have nothing on your entry table but a vase of fresh flowers, you are a saint. I mean really, good for you! Keeping things nice and neat is a great way to say “welcome” and also makes you able to enjoy your space.

No matter how hard some try, it seems like keys, mail, and random toddler toys always end up on the credenza. Does this make you a slob? Heck no! It makes you a liver of life. Just because you’re living in organized chaos, or flat out chaos, doesn’t mean you’re not living a crazy, beautiful life. Having a few items out here and there simply shows that you can roll with the punches. 

Your kitchen

Kitchens are the backbone of a home. They are full of energy, and literally provide you and your family energy to keep on living the outstanding life that you live. Here’s a few kitchen-personalities… Do you align with any of them?

“I love to cook”

You’ve got the whole alphabet’s worth of spices on a rack hanging on your wall. A ceiling rack that holds 5,000 pots and pans. Three utensil holders. A huge range, plus a griddle. Your kitchen just screams “sit down hunny I’ll make you some soup”.

“I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen”

If you have perfectly styled open shelving with ceramic ware that’s not even dishwasher safe, you probably aren’t utilizing your kitchen much. Except for the Instagram posts, of course. 

Minimalism is great, but if the inside of your fridge is as stark as the outside of it, that’s a tell tale sign you’re not doing much in the cookery.

“I love to host”

You’ve got the navy bottom cabinets. The butcher block countertop. A huge island with six barstools spanning across so people can chit chat over charcuterie. Espresso machine? Great! That will go great with dessert, following the delicious meal you’re making for friends. You’re all about creating opportunities for conversation and bonding, which makes you an excellent host! 

“Don’t touch anything”

White! White! White! Everything is white so please don’t touch anything okay?! Don’t get me wrong I love me some clean lines but it’s kind of hard to make my kid breakfast without spilling some milk. Oh wait, that’s white. So I’m good, right??

Spending loads of money on an awesome kitchen renovation is great and can be a big “wow” factor when having people over, but if your guest feels like they can’t actually interact with the room, it may not be as impactful as you had hoped.

“I like to drink my calories”

Do you have a big ass bar cart with tons of shakers, muddlers, jiggers, strainers, and other words that sound like you’re in a bluegrass band in the Appalachian mountains? I guess this technically isn’t a personality trait but I’m assuming you have a mustache and/or beard (with beard oil), and you may or may not wear a newsie cap. So yeah, I guess the personality trait here would be “cool dude”. 

Or, do you have a coffee station with multiple coffee makers and a large sign that reads, “I like my creamer with a touch of coffee?” Yep? You’re basic. Just kidding… You like coffee, as do I! Having fun signs throughout the house is homey and welcoming. And in the case of this sign in particular, very truthful! 

Your bathroom

People’s bathrooms are weird. Like if you go into their half bath downstairs it’s pretty standard, but if you go upstairs in their primary bathrooms it gets a little personal. Do they have that weird contraption that moves the toothpaste to the top of the tube? Practical. Do they have little dixie cups for their mouthwash that reads “shoot for the stars”? Dreamer. Colored towels? Funky. White towels? Likes things in order.

What about potpourri vs. candles vs. reed diffusers?! There are so many little elements here that can describe one’s personality here. I’d say the order from elevated to not elevated would be reed diffusers, candles, and lastly… potpourri. Sorry! That’s if I had to say. 

Your bookshelf

I freakin’ love a good bookshelf. They have to be layered, though. Different colors, textures, weights, etc. If you are someone with the ultimate bookshelf, a.k.a. books ordered by color, alongside each other as well as stacked, with an appropriate amount of negative space (of course), in addition to various nicknacks that have been picked up along your travels, and maybe a sprig of greenery, then you are the bomb. The bomb.com. You take the time to invest in little moments. It’s all about the surprise and delight! 

If you’ve got a bookshelf with only a few books, but mostly family photos and board games, this means you’ve got an enriched life full of love and laughter.

Your bedroom

Last, but not least, your bedroom can define you. Specifically, your closet and your night stand. If you remember my two-cents on the entry table from before, I’d like to apply the same sentiment here. If you’re a “keys, mail, and whatever else I brought in from the car on the credenza” person, your closet is probably somewhat similar. Although I hope your keys aren’t in the closet because they would probably be extremely difficult to find! 

I think your nightstand really says a lot about you. Do you have night cream or lip therapy in there? You like to take care of yourself, awesome! How about ear plugs or a noise machine? This could mean you’re stressed out and in need of relaxation. If you’ve got melatonin in there, it sounds like you could seriously use a good rest. 

One main thing I think that defines a person in regard to their nightstand is if they have a remote or a book. Neither is right or wrong, but if you have a book you’re old-school, a classic. Maybe  you work at a computer all day, and you’d like to give your eyes a break. If you have a remote, that shows you’d like to just zone out and let the TV do the talking. Sometimes it feels like I’m too tired to even pick up a book. Maybe you feel the same! 

The other nightstand personality decider is your lamp. Is it dim, or does it have a bright light? If it’s bright, you’re psycho. Just kidding… kind of. While bright lights can technically make you happier, having a dim light in the bedroom helps maintain the relaxing environment necessary for sleep. If you’ve got a dim light, you’re definitely easy going and looking to loosen up.

Well, there ya have it, folks! 

Though many aspects in a home can show off your personality… not everyone has been inside of your house, so they aren’t getting the full picture as to how incredibly amazing you are! So, how to let them know your temperament is so totally awesome? Grab a flag and show off your character to your neighbors. You’ve got a great disposition, so wave it around – literally! 

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