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We are Galfie

Hannah and Jade Sullivan with colorful flowers

Hi!! We are Galfie. Founded by myself, Hannah Sullivan, and my wife – Jade Sullivan. Writing in first person here because Galfie is very personal to us. Design is our passion, our foundation. It’s how we met, why we started working together, and has been the common thread weaving throughout our relationship ever since. But… more on that another time. 

So, what is Galfie? It began as a fun side project for the two of us, a way to create a new spin on house flags. We love our home. Any house-related projects, boom. We’re into it. In fact, we’re currently in the midst of building out a modern addition on our old-school bungalow from 1937.

To us, design is what makes a house a home.

It’s the little touches. A sprig of greenery, a pop of color, little decor items you picked up along the way while traveling… it all adds up to what makes your house your home

But, how about from the outside of your home? What makes your neighbor smile as they’re walking their dog past your home? Or makes your guest feel welcome as they enter your house? House flags! They’re fun, they’re colorful, and they’re zero commitment. You can swap them out seasonally, or whenever your heart desires.

However, one of the main downers when it comes to house flags is that they can be super outdated. Like, cardinals are great and all, but if I have to see another one on top of a snow-capped bird house I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Where’s the modern spin on house flags… for the modern person? Although I’m totally down for making granny flags, younger people are now homeowners, and we want to give them a fun opportunity to add some flair to the outside of their home.

Sure, house flags are fun. They’re silly. Which Galfie has definitely leaned into. Like, don’t all watermelons need smiley faces? Can’t we have a few more bananas on skateboards? I know our weed leaf puffing heart-shaped smoke is bound to put a smile on someone’s face, right?

We’re proud to design flags.

All cheekiness aside, Galfie has created a niche pocket of flags promoting pride, inclusiveness, and awareness surrounding our community: LGBTQ+ folks and our allies.

Hopefully you feel at home in your community. I want nothing more than your neighborhood to be accepting of your lifestyle, whatever that may be. But wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW you’ve got others on your side? A part of your circle, or at least outwardly promoting their support? 

Our neighborhood is very mixed. We’ve got a bunch of old people rocking conservative flags, and at the same time, there’s a good amount of neighbors with pride flags. Walking around with Jade holding hands, sometimes I feel like maybe I should let go. Like, are my neighbors judging me? But then I walk by someone else’s house with a pride flag and it just makes me want to plant a big one on Jade’s cheek just for fun.

No neighborhood is perfect, everyone is different.

But the more we can promote inclusiveness, and diversity, the better! I mean, why not! Especially for the young folks. Finding a community is so important in so many ways. 

Wondering why we made flags that read, “QUEER!” and “GAY ALL DAY”? Because. We exist. We’re queer, we’re here. If we’re gay, we’re most likely gay all day. Unless you like to switch things up… and if you do, we’re here for it! Our new take on the progressive pride flag is all about it. 

There have been a number of times throughout my life that I have made heads turn because Jade and I are together. I’ve seen looks of shock, potentially disgust, I’ve been pointed at, I’ve been called butch. It’s not nice, but it’s reality, unfortunately. Feeling othered can feel awful – it makes you feel isolated and alone. 

Galfie at its core

If I had to really dive into Galfie’s mission, it would center around promoting good vibes and inclusivity. Posi vibes, baby. Life is too short… So even if you’re facing opposition, try to lean into the good and things will be okay. Remember, you’re not alone! 

Feeling down at times is totally normal and acceptable, but as a whole, looking on the sunny side is definitely a mood-booster. Positive thinking reduces stress. You have lower levels of pain. Increased resistance to sickness. Overall, your physical well-being improves with a positive mindset. Of course, these good feelings can also be increased through travel, meditation, and chillin’ with friends

So yeah, we make flags. For your house. Your apartment. Your boat. Your camper. The tree outside your tent – heck, even just your wall! Promote good vibes so your neighbors and your guests can join in on the positive feelings. Spread some cheer! 

Types of flags we make:

Rock our decorative flags 24/7 for ultimate effects. 

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